when you’re least expecting it

Once in a while, you get invited to a party even though you’re not in the mood to go. But you end up going anyway, saying to yourself that you won’t do much, just mingle a little and “change scenery”.

You end up at the party, sitting alone, in the corner, watching the people dancing all around you. No one impresses you and you don’t feel like blending in.

But then this one particular song starts playing. You don’t know the song, but you just know you have to get up and dance to it. You don’t understand what it is about this tune that got you: Is it the beat, or the melody, or the rhythm, or the bass line, or the lyrics, or the singer’s voice?

The reason doesn’t matter. You just need to get up and dance. So you do.

You know that feeling?

That’s exactly what happens when you fall in love. Against your will.