pneuma — 1999

She tilts the cup

and spills a single drop,

watches it rise up

towards the ceiling

and swell into a grape.

On her lip a smile

serves in revealing

her hope that rarely

had a shape.

Her hand touches his face,

just barely,

to leave some space

for her escape.

in absentia — 2003

You tremble            like a flute

in his bed

half naked and delicate

His warmth     a sandstorm

that wears you away

Relax                 You are not here

to save anyone You

are not here

to be saved

Kiss him     Wake him up

(might he remember you?)

Or leave him and go

Nothing changes him

but you will peel

those sheets off

a butterfly

Or a wasp.

photopoem: your name

Photopoems are basically a combination of some photos I’ve taken and some poems I’ve written. I don’t claim to be a photographer nor a poet. I’m just interested in words and images.

Barcelona beachfront, p.m. (November 2009)