Rhyme — a meditation

I got up at dawn
and rescued
the last star
from the fading night

from the delicate dandelions
I plucked a drop of dew
before it disappeared
into the sun

in my palms
I sifted the aroma
of fresh croissants and bread
from the smell of morning soil

and when the breeze arrived
I caught the birdsong
and prayers
and good mornings
exchanged between children

I got up at dawn
to collect these letters
And then wrote your name
on the morning sky

Now your name rhymes
with everything

Confetti — a meditation

I know a place,
a quiet little corner
where people go
to hold hands
and whisper.
It’s quiet
because they whisper
the words of poets,
or famous lines
from films and songs
(they whisper them
out of courtesy
in case the others
are using the same lines).
But if you come with me
I will take you there
and tell you
every funny tale
I know
until your laughter
fills the air
like confetti.
Love isn’t all
whispering you know!

Wind chime — a meditation

There is a tiny
breath of air
trapped in the wind chime
hanging in my patio.
It wrestles
its metallic captor
filling my home
with a sweet melody
but I’m aware
that this is combat.
Slowly it gathers its strength,
growing, and louder grows
the music, until
the little gust
breaks free