photopoem: your name

Photopoems are basically a combination of some photos I’ve taken and some poems I’ve written. I don’t claim to be a photographer nor a poet. I’m just interested in words and images.

Barcelona beachfront, p.m. (November 2009)

days of confusion

When I first got to Jeddah, things were very confusing.Weekends are Thursdays and Fridays, whereas I come from a part of the planet where the weekends are Saturdays and Sundays.

But that’s not where I got confused. I got confused one time when I went out hunting for some lunch. To make it clearer, I will underline the problematic areas.

On my way to TGI Friday’s on Andalus Street, I passed Ruby Tuesday. My first thought was: “Damn, how time flies!” After the meal, my friends ordered an ice cream sundae and shit got very confusing for me. Technically, a sundae at Friday‘s is like having a Lebanese weekend on a Saudi weekend.

In any case, I really think that TGI Friday’s and Ruby Tuesday’s are too close to each other. They are right across the street from each other. In order to be fair to the new expats, I say we should move Friday’s and Tuesday farther apart. I say we need to keep some distance between them.

At least 3 days, I suggest.


I hope I didn’t confuse you.

complaint against dentists

I hate dentists with attitude. They act like they’re some sort of god. As if they have some higher status just because they’ve been inside a mouth or two.

I was at the dentist’s, when, out of nowhere, he says, “You don’t floss obviously.”

Alright. Come on man! It’s our first date and I let you put your whole hand inside my mouth! Could you at least be nice to me?

It’s the attitude: “You don’t floss…obviously

Ok, you’re a dentist. It’s your job, you can tell I don’t floss. Don’t make it sound like you have some sort of superpower or clairvoyant abilities. I can’t look at a regular human being and say “you don’t floss obviously”. You can! But you don’t have to show off, asshole.

You don’t hear me say “You obviously don’t know the difference between sandstone and limestone, obviously!” Gimme a break!



PS: I have a B.Sc. in geology.

what makes a disturbing movie

The movie Cloverfield completely devastated me.

Images of it have been haunting me since I first watched it. Sometimes, I remember some detail and sink back into the dark place that the movie took me to. This is, by far, one of the worst movies ever (emotionally speaking).

Tonight I uncovered the reason why this movie has caused me so much harm. It’s one simple fact:

Everyone that I — the viewer —  associated with eventually died.

This has to be the single worst ingredient in a movie. There’s no lack of horrible movies, or apocalyptic movies. But how harsh a movie is depends not on how many people die in the movie, but rather on who dies in the movie.

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