photopoem: your name

Photopoems are basically a combination of some photos I’ve taken and some poems I’ve written. I don’t claim to be a photographer nor a poet. I’m just interested in words and images.

Barcelona beachfront, p.m. (November 2009)

on some days

On some days

I wear my goose bumps

like armor

and step out into the world

carrying my fragility

like a weapon.



I step out

into a war I didn’t start.

A war I can’t end.



It’s easy to break me.

But when I break I shatter

into poetry;

into sharp


of hand-painted glass.




I will slice the hand that broke me.



When I break,

(because I do break)

I can’t be put back together.

Well, maybe I could,

but I won’t look like I did before.

Maybe I’ll look better.