Here’s a sad story from 2019.

One morning I was at the supermarket buying a few random things. Among them were some grapes and a box of raisins.

After I finished paying, I was helping the cashier lady place the items into bags. All the fruits went into one bag, with the grapes going in last (and so were on the top of the bag). The rest of the items went into another bag.

She was left holding the box of raisins and was about to get a new bag for it.

It was a waste of a bag, so I wanted to tell her, “Why don’t you just put them on top of the grapes?”

But instead, and without missing a beat, I said, “Why don’t you just put them with their younger cousins?”

I smiled big because wow, look mom, I made a funny! But the cashier didn’t even as much as smirk.

In 2019 I learned to choose my audience carefully and to never waste a great pun on a mediocre crowd.

I’m ready for you 2020!

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