Flight Club

I’ve decided to start a “Flight Club”. It’s just like a Fight Club, but for cowards. Well, maybe not cowards, but rather to allow people to practice their other natural instinct.

The rules of Flight Club are listed below:

  1. You don’t complain about flight club.
  2. You don’t complain about flight club.
  3. When someone says stop, keep running.
  4. Only two guys to a flight.
  5. One scream at a time.
  6. No need to take off your shirts or shoes when escaping.
  7. Keep running as long as you have to.
  8. If this is your first night at flight club, you have to cry.

Applications currently being accepted.


* Additional rule, as suggested by a friend in the comments below. “9. Only those fleeing the group will be considered.”

10 Replies to “Flight Club”

  1. What if someone joins n breaks one of the rules? Are there any penalties?
    P.s: I need 2 know b4 I join #JustSaying :p .

  2. I have an additional rule to suggest:
    9. Only those fleeing the group will be considered.

    Do not take this suggestion lightly, for it shall have far-reaching ramifications, such as granting BlueEng automatic membership due to his attempted “flight” from the group

  3. Hahaha well played Rami. I look forward to socially ostracising the courageous… if I stick around long enough. Finally, wusses shall proudly run (away from) the world.

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