life sentence

Tonight they will make us walk


through the halls of this feeble language

until we are tired, cold

and disgraced


They will order us

to stop

They will blindfold us

first you, then me

and place us in front of the firing squad

As they gaze with contempt at our eloquence


And while we stand in front of those lifeless letters

As they take their aim

As they judge us

Our fervent hands will meet

fingers will grip each other

     crushing the silence

between our palms


We are partners in crime


You will turn to me, smiling

(I will imagine your smile)

with your mischievous eyes

(I will see them despite our blindfolds)

like you always do

when you have a plan.


“I know of a place,”

you will whisper,

“not far from here

where we can hide and read the night

Where no one will discover us

while we write, erase

and rewrite

our words


until we find

that perfect sentence


And there we can spend forever

whispering it to each other

until we are innocent


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