May I have this dance?

This morning at 4AM, Leil decided that he wants to continue the rest of his sleep next to us in bed. No problem, Leil, you’re always welcome here.

He settled down and fell asleep immediately. I, on the other hand, had big trouble getting back to sleep because my brain had an urgent question that couldn’t wait till the morning:

“Remember that song? That on? What’s the name of the singer?”

Well, I knew the song, alright. And I knew that the singer was called something and the somethings. But that’s all.

So, my brain, in an earnest attempt to assist me, played back the entire music video. “remember that actress?” Yes, I do. “What about this car?” Yup.

Ooh, it’s something And the Lights. Give me more, brain. Give me more.

Photo by Amber Lamoreaux from Pexels

“Here, remember this scene where a woman’s face comes out of a pool of golden paint?” Oh yeah! She’s from the other video clip, from his other song!

It was by 6:30AM (and I know this because Noha’s alarm had just gone off) that my brain said “Yes! It’s Francis And the Lights! Good job! You just won yourself some sleep until 7:15!”

But I had a bigger problem now. I remembered Francis And the Lights, and I knew that the song was called “May I Have This Dance?” Great.

I also knew that it had a beautiful verse by Chance the Rapper, who I was thinking about at bedtime, which probably triggered the entire episode at 4AM. Perfect.

But all the clues… WTF brain?

The music video for this song doesn’t have anybody but Chance the Rapper and Francis. No actress, no car, and definitely no one coming out of a pool of golden paint. She didn’t appear in his other music video from the other song, whatever that is.

The entire fight scene between the two Latin American guys never existed. And neither did the scene where one of them became paralyzed.

My brain made up all this fiction to remind me of a fact.

This morning, I invite you to listen to “May I Have This Dance?” and watch the music video. It’s a great song.

Let me know if you catch something I didn’t. and if you remember the name of the actress, do share it with me.

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