post number one

This is the hardest post of all.

The post that defines, draws the lines, sets the boundaries, and imposes all kinds of limitations. This is the post that I won’t write. There are no boundaries here.

This blog was born not only because several ‘tweeps’ – both real and virtual friends – have urged me to do it, but also because Twitter does have its limitations. No, not the 140-character limit. That one is in fact a delight to work with. The real limitation is attention span. Nobody wants a long idea up there.

So here’s to WalkWays, a blog dedicated to tweeting longer.

Thanks for visiting, and pass by often. Bookmark the blog if you have to. And don’t forget to read the about page for an idea of what’s going on, and the this page about the ‘author’.

Come back tomorrow for the first ‘real’ post :)


PS: Why May 16? It’s my birthday. WalkWays is a gift-to-self of sorts.

6 Replies to “post number one”

  1. أخيييييييييييييييييييييرا ً :)

    يوم مييييييييييلاد سعيد *يغني*
    بس بدون هدية!

    Chechens r cheap!


  2. Congrats for your blog man I am sure it will be full of awesome stuff to read Cheers !

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