The thing I learned at university

During my Freshman year at university, computers weren’t in charge of everything yet. We had to add out courses manually by filling in a form with our counselor then submitting it to the student office.

It happened that my counselor was a Geology professor.

As I walked up the stairs of the Geology Department with some classmates, a group of Senior Geology students were making their way down. One of them looked at us and said, “Aw, look at those poor Freshmen. I feel so sorry for you.”

She was, of course, making an innocent joke that meant “you have so much hardship ahead of you while I’m finishing up soon.”

But in that moment, and in the arrogance of youth, I didn’t take it with a sense of humor. Instead, I responded to her by saying, “You feel sorry for us? You should feel sorry for yourself. You’re the one who majored in Geology!”

My friends and I laughed and continued on with our task.

A few days later, at an orientation event for new students, we were chatting with one of the Senior students who were assisting the organizers.

“I am finally graduating this year,” he told us. “I’ve been here seven years.”

I remember making fun of him when he walked off. “Wow! Seven years,” I mocked. “How stupid do you have to be to need seven years to earn a bachelor’s degree?”

Photo by Caio from Pexels

Long story short, I eventually graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in Geology. And it took me not seven, but eight years to earn my degree.

Sometimes the universe will teach you lessons in the most subtle way.

But at other times, it will straight smack you upside the head!

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