At the end of Grade 9, my family relocated from Riyadh to Amman. This would be the first time in years that I would be back into a mixed school. I had been in an all-boys school for the past six years.

I was 14 years old at the time, so this relocation, unfortunately for me, coincided with my hormones firing up.

After a few weeks of settling into Grade 10, I wanted so badly to know what it feels like to have a girlfriend that I went about systematically asking out every single girl in class.

I started with the one I thought was the most attractive, and, rejection after rejection, worked my way down the list.


I didn’t walk up to the girls and ask them out. Nope. That would be the normal thing to do. Instead, I wrote them love letters.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Long story short, after writing letters (no copy-paste, all personalized, all rejected) to every single girl in Grade 10A, B, C, and D, and then attempting Grade 9s as well, I didn’t get a girlfriend.

But I got really good at writing love letters!

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